12-13 October 2018, Bucharest

njThe Power of Storytelling (PoS) is an (un)conference built on the idea that well-crafted stories connect people, heal wounds, inspire, lead, and create change. This is a one of a kind event in Eastern Europe. Since 2011 it has brought to Bucharest almost more than 50 superstar storytellers in all fields – from media, to arts, to business – for inspirational talks, and nuts and bolts training.

Apart from the boost of energy, and creative optimism, PoS is a chance for professionals to master the use of storytelling in journalism, creative industries, civil society, and business.

The panel “The Change You Want to See in The World Begins with Your Own Story” hosted by Murray Nossel was focused on the power of using personal story in challenging the status quo of the world: with yourself, at home with your family, with your friends, in your company and wider community, and it draw the attention on his own story to show how storytelling can rewrite narratives of loss, grief and powerlessness to effect personal and political transformation. Thus introduced the work on the OSF program “Changing the negative narrative of Roma in health care settings” by giving an opportunity to 5 Roma activists to share their own story: Ioan Petre, Nesime Salioska, Akif Kariman, Ioanida Costache, and Roxana Marin.


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