DSC03922After six months of the official meeting with the professional services of the ULSG Prilep, after the change that occurred as a result of the Local elections (December 5, 2017), the “Roma Civic Parliament” held a re-meeting in order to review the promised projects and intakes of the Mayor, the President of the Council and the directors of the PUCs, and propose new conclusions for further work.

The Roma opened the issues of capital investments in the settlement Trizla 2 as well as about the legalization of illegally built objects because of the fact that many of the residents of the Municipality of Prilep still have not complied with the legalization requirements, which can lead them to exceed the legal deadline and remain without property papers.

At the meeting, there were 37 people from the Roma community, one representative from the Public Utility Company for Water Supply and Sewerage, as well as one councilor from the Council of the Municipality of Prilep.

The other representatives and decision makers within the local self-government, although duly summoned, did not appear, leaving most of the questions to the audience unanswered, and hence the principle of accountability and transparency that was initially promoted as a key in the work of the new Local government proved to be just a declarative pre-election statement.

RCP Chairman Mustafa Rushitoski: “The implementation of certain activities of the” Roma Civic Parliament “started in 2015, with constant monitoring of the situation in the Roma community, where a series of initiatives are launched, with a membership of 30 people and holding meetings at every three months, in order to find a solution to the problems faced by the Roma population, pointing them to the competent institutions. Despite the absence and silence of the representatives of the Local Self-Government, the RCP and the association will continue to advocate for the requests and needs of the Roma in the Municipality of Prilep. “

DSC03923Executive Director of ROMA SOS, Nesime Salioska:“In terms of capital investments, the biggest information refers to the allocated 2,500,000 MKD from the Government of the Republic of Macedonia in December 2017, which were transferred to the account of the municipality and from them about 1.000.000 MKD were used to boost the electricity supply in the area of “Tri Bagermi”, while the rest of 1,500,000 MKD were foreseen to be used for the arrangement of “Dabnichki kanal”. Regarding the strengthening of the voltage with this investment, legal connections for the population are not provided, i.e. they will have to submit additional request to EVN and to submit an ID card and a property list or a confirmation that the object is in the legalization procedure, in order to in that way, provide conditions for legal connection and the obligation to pay for the connection itself is to the account holder and it will not be provided by the municipality or by the state.

Regarding “Dabnichki Kanal”, we noticed that the municipality again appeared to clear the waste of the river Dabnichka and announcing that it was fulfilling the promise. But this is not the promised. It is promised to set up a fence, to asphalt the street, to lay containers and proper signalization around this part of the city. However, even though these funds are in the municipality’s account, they are not used, which means that the promise is not fulfilled.

In the part of legalization of illegally constructed buildings, June 30th is the legal deadline by which citizens were supposed to complete all requests for legalization of illegally constructed buildings. But from the field observation so far, many citizens have not complied with the requirements. So they will overcome the legal deadline and there will still be a large part of the population that will remain with illegally constructed buildings, without property papers. Additionally, December 30th is the legal deadline through which new numbers or new requests can be provided by the citizens for the legalization of illegally constructed buildings, but now there is a new situation with submitting these new requests and submitting all accompanying documents for which the population is not sufficiently informed in the moment and we are concerned whether they will succeed in accordance with the time-frame to submit a request for the legalization of the illegally constructed buildings. “

Business secretary in PUC Water Supply and Sewerage, Vase Stoilkovska: “The company has a free service telephone number on which every citizen can address and report a defect or request, because the company is here in order to serve all citizens, that is, implemented all the requirements in accordance with the procedures and legal regulations “.

Councilor in the Council of the Municipality of Prilep, Elizabeta Surladzija: “For such actions and rallies, where citizens can express their demands and needs in the direction of their realization, they are welcomed.” She appealed to the attendees to submit the requests in writing to the competent institutions in order to invoke the submitted application if there is no answer.