05.12.2017 – Celebrated 10 years of commitment of promoting the difference between Equality and Equity. Roma do not have the same starting point with the rest of the population, therefore they need more support (equity) for finally everyone can achieve the same success.


Organized by the association ROMA S.O.S. and the informal group “Roma Civic Parliament”, 100 Roma had a meeting  with the Mayor of Municipality of Prilep – Mr. Ilija Jovanoski and directors of Public Companies from Prilep. The purpose of joint meeting was presenting actual requirements, needs and problems of the Roma living in settlement ‘Trizla 2’, for their inclusion in urban plan and local government program for 2018.

Roma were interested for improvement of infrastructure in “Trizla 2”? When the streets with sewerage will be covered with asphalt? Will Dabnicki channel be arrange and whether a bridge will be installed? How to improve infrastructure in the areas ‘Tri Bagremi’, ‘Mexico’, ‘Debarca’?

DSC02541They point out the problem with sewage system at ‘Bogomilska’ Street. They also had questions about persons at social risk, who has not enough funds to carry out the procedure, would be allowed to legalize the illegal buildings!? Will the children from settlement ‘Tri Bagremi’ get transport to the Primary School ‘Dobre Jovanoski’? Why do residents of ‘Debarca’ have no water for seven months? Will street lighting going to be repaired and improved? Will discrimination be prevented, because Roma in some places in Prilep have not access (cafes, restaurants, swimming pool)? How do Roma get employment?!

DSC02596Mayor of the Municipality of Prilep, Ilija Jovanoski:On December 26,  Municipality of Prilep will set up the annual budget  for 2018, also part of listed infrastructure problems of the settlement ‘Trizla’ will enter municipality’s program for 2018. Together will strive to detect and solve citizens problems, especially from the settlement of ‘Trizla 2’, such as places called ‘Tri Bagremi’ and ‘Mexico’, where situation is the most critical. At the following time, canal on the river ‘Dubnicki Zavoj’ will be cleaned up and arranged with purpose to protect the population from possible floods and accidents, due heavy rainfall and snow, also streets that entered the detailed urban plan will be all paved. From January 01 2018 to June 30 2018, deadline for legalization of the illegally constructed buildings is prolonged, which gives a new opportunity on the residents to legalize their facilities.”


Executive Director of ROMA SOS, Nesime Salioska: “This meeting signify the commitment of the association for achieving equal access of Roma in social processes, so presence of the large number of Roma at this meeting, was a prove that Roma are also part of the society. This is a great opportunity to hear the voice of Roma in public so we can together establish essential decisions for the ‘Trizla’ settlement. In this period, Municipality of Prilep are preparing the budget  for 2018 and will assort funds for infrastructure projects for whole municipality, including the ‘Trizla 2’ settlement. By this way at following year the projects can be seen realized and visible indeed. This confirm the Roma community as an active player in the decision-making processes in society, so together we contribute the integration process.

This meeting has great significance, because on this day  December 5th, 2007 the office of ROMA S.O.S. was opened – so the association completes 10 years of its existence. The fact that this meeting is happening in  Municipal Hall with the presence of decision-makers is obvious evidence that we are moving upwards in eradicating discrimination through open and direct communication and support from Mayor and Local Self-Government.

After the meeting, as small birthday-celebrating gesture attendees were treated with chocolate pralines by the team of ROMA S.O.S.

However, the biggest success of meeting itself are the followed results. A day after meeting, based on some of the indicated problems, teams of the Public Company ‘Vodovod i kanalizacija’ performed emergency interventions: repair of plumbing connections, repair defects on water supply network in the ‘Trizla’ street, activities and installation of the passages on the street ‘Debarca’. Additionally, Public Company ‘Vodovod i kanalizacija’ in collaboration with Water-Economy Company ‘Prilepsko Pole’, defined the possibilities for providing water supply to households on street ‘Debarca’, which was out of plumbing supply for several months. Public Company ‘Komunalec’ team showed agility, cleaning up part of the river canal with its mechanization, as parallel activity was compaction on some of the streets – that were pointed out to the emergency interventions discussion.

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Such urgent intercepts confirmed that the interest of ELS Prilep for “Trizla 2” it’s in word and in deed.

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