In the period from March to April, 2018, with the support of UNICEF, an informative campaign was implemented in the Roma communities in Prilep, Shtip, Bitola, Kumanovo, Gjorce Petrov and Shuto Orizari. For that purpose, an interactive theater performance “The road to children’s allowance is short” was prepared, and it was created in order to help parents to overcome information barriers to accessing cash transfers for children.

The campaign was a continuation of the research that the association ROMA S.O.S. implemented in 2017 in the six municipalities, about utilization of social benefits for children and the factors that limit the access of the Roma community as well as the Baseline study that came as a result of it.


On 3rd April, 2018 the caravan “arrived” in Prilep, where more than 100 Roma, together with representatives from the Center for Social Work, UNICEF and the association ROMA S.O.S. saw the play and discussed the social benefits for children and access to them.

Educational flyers and coloring books were distributed to the participants.