35 people from the Roma Civic Parliament today held a public discussion on the topic “… the Roma want a clean and regulated river too…” and it was realized in the presence of the Minister without Portfolio in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Samka Ibraimoski. The discussion was attended by representatives of the Prilep local self-government as well as “Habitat Macedonia”.

The public discussion arose after the conducted research and extensive consultation with all relevant parties in the course of 2016, during which the greatest problems faced by the Roma from Prilep settlement “Trizla 2” were identified.

The survey showed that the top priority for the Roma community is the regulation of the riverbed on the “Dabnichki zavoj” street. Over the past few years there have been several unfortunate cases of children under the age of six who ended up with a tragic outcome. At the same time, continuous waste dumping was reported in the river basin, which in most of the year has been converted into an illegal landfill, which is a direct reason for the frequent occurrence of infectious diseases and epidemics.

The solution to the problem is found in the installation of a protective masonry fence around the river bed, laying containers fastened to the fence and cleaning the waste. With this, the participants in the public discussion consider that the risk of accidents among children will be reduced and the ecological and general image of this part of the city will be significantly improved, as well as the health of the inhabitants.


For that purpose, the organizers and the participants in the public discussion asked the Municipality of Prilep and PUC “Komunalec” in cooperation with the Minister Samka Ibraimoski, who is also National coordinator of the Strategy for Roma of RM, to prepare a new construction project, to prepare a budget and to allocate funds for the realization of the project. In parallel with this project, it is necessary to asphalt the street “Dabnichki zavoj”. In addition, it was pointed out that there is a need to engage two people who will continuously supervise the maintenance of hygiene in the environment.

All this was put on paper and in the form of “Request for Action” was signed by the attendees. The request was officially submitted to the Minister Ibraimoski, the Mayor Marjan Risteski and PUC “Komunalec” immediately after the event. Organizers of the public discussion expect to receive an institutional response and coordinated action, for which the stakeholders have shown open interest and will.