In the period August-September 2018, two two-day trainings for Roma women were held on the theme Public appearance and speaking. The purpose of these trainings was to strengthen the women for their inclusion in the “Roma Civic Parliament” and thus overcome the fear of public appearance. The need for such an activity stems from the impression that women have no self-confidence to express their opinion to the public and that men are the ones who should speak or represent the interests of the community. Hence, these trainings were gender-focused and conceptualized in a way that would show women they have something to say and their voice is important. The trainings were held by two long-time associates of the organization and experienced journalists, Elizabeta Filiposka and Gordana Cvetanoska, both associates in Radio Pela.

Through these two trainings (Ohrid, August 26-27 and Struga September 25-26), a total of 45 Roma women from Prilep from 18 to 55 years of age participated. The trainings were conducted under the motto “We are all the voice of the community”, and in order to achieve this, 5 sessions were held on the topic: Code of Conduct, Dress Code, non-verbal communication, building mutual trust and defining attitude towards a certain issue.

Although initially a little skeptical and frightened, women learned that public speaking meant nothing but  transmission of information. The message of these trainings was that everyone can speak publicly if the speech is accompanied by self-confidence, readiness, a strong argument, and is aimed at achieving the desired goal.