1902, 2016

REACTION – Concerned about the increasing number of deaths of women in labor


Association ROMA SOS Prilep expresses its serious concern about the case of 21 year-old woman in labor Simona Blazeska who died early this morning at the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at The General Hospital in Prilep, that is 12 hours after “successfully conducted childbirth” (about 13.00 pm yesterday), as a result of excessive bleeding.

Prosecutor’s office acted in an official capacity and will await further information on conducting the autopsy.

We express regret for the loss of the family and appeal to the competent authorities to determine the exact cause of death as […]

3012, 2015

“Humanity do not know about differences” – a project which improves attitudes among doctors and Roma patients


poster - humanosta ne poznava razliki - enMutual negative attitudes, rejections and isolated opinions create multiple discrimination and/or obstacles in the communication between doctors and Roma patients that often are based on stereotypes and prejudice, and directly affect the way the treatment and attitude towards health is realized.

    In order to investigate the key factors that influence the situation, formative research was conducted in the period from February to June 2015 by the association ROMA S.O.S. from Prilep in partnership with three other associations: LIL from Skopje, SONCE […]

2912, 2015

“Roma civil paralment” has debated on Roma health through the prism of laws

24.12.2015, Prilep


While the public has been debating the last period demanding responsibility for recent deaths among patients and their families who have suffered particular damage as a result of medical negligence, no one dared to mention the Roma patients.

We wonder whether their lives are not important? Is this ignoring of the cases in which victims or damaged parties are Roma is just another form of social discrimination?

Trying to find answers of the above issues, at today’s discussion in Prilep in a form of “Roma civil parliament” we deduced the following conclusions:


2811, 2015

Health Insurance Fund (HIF) abandoned the pre-registration of health insurance for the unemployed and people with lower income, and criminal charges as well. What is next?

November, 2015

The efforts of the association ROMA S.O.S. from Prilep in cooperation with associations [1] from 10 municipalities in Macedonia, in the period 2013 – 2015, resulted in introduced amendments to the Law on contributions for compulsory social insurance (LCCSI) in December 2014 and amendments to the Law on Health Insurance (LHI) in June 2015.

Legislative amendments contributed to simplify the procedure for exercising the right to health insurance for the unemployed and people with lower income (HIF insurance category), thereby providing continuity in the enjoyment of the right and constant health treatment for the most vulnerable insurers.


1610, 2015

ROMA S.O.S. among the nine finalists at the Health Rights Film Festival


Health Rights Film FestivalMilan, Italy – the Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER) launched the inaugural Health Rights Video Film Festival. The online film festival highlighted video stories about accessibility, health care issues, stigma, and human rights issues. The following are award winners from the festival:

Impact Award

The impact award recognizes outstanding achievement in the use of video for advocacy. The winners were selected by a jury of international experts in public health and digital advocacy.


810, 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT – Another case of death from unknown causes in Roma patients

08.10.2015, Prilep

soopstenie-03»3-year-old Aneta, this morning died, we are asking the Public Prosecutor to complete the process of autopsy as fast as possible and to determine the cause of death.

»ROMA S.O.S. will monitor and represent the case to its resolution.

     This morning at 7.30 am, 3-year-old girl without life functions was brought to the Child Department within PHI General Hospital “Borka Taleski” – Prilep. After cardio – reanimation made by doctors, the child’s body didn’t show life functions, and also were noticed death spots which indicated previous dead.


709, 2015

Recommendations to Macedonia for Roma rights violation

04.09.2015, Skopje

picture2On 11 and 12 of August 2015, the Committee on the Elimination of racial discrimination held 87th session where Periodical report of Republic of Macedonia for respecting and exercising the human rights provided by the Convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination ratified by Republic of Macedonia.

The Network for protection against discrimination together with Association of citizens Reactor – Research in action, has submitted Shadow Report, in which Roma population issues were indicated, especially freedom of movement, educational segregation, Roma social status, unemployment […]

1507, 2015

“Humanity does not know differences” – a project which will improve the attitudes of doctors towards patients Roma


DSC00397At coordinative meeting, the partners were evaluating the progress with the activities

Life in poverty, in isolated and segregated communities as well as social determinants of poverty maintain a large social distance between Roma and non-Roma in all areas of daily life. Additionally, all this is backed up with stereotypes and prejudices in society in general, and in particular in health area.

The following statements are used by health workers when Roma people are not provided with health services and identified by organizations working on health issues […]