810, 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT – Another case of death from unknown causes in Roma patients

08.10.2015, Prilep

soopstenie-03»3-year-old Aneta, this morning died, we are asking the Public Prosecutor to complete the process of autopsy as fast as possible and to determine the cause of death.

»ROMA S.O.S. will monitor and represent the case to its resolution.

     This morning at 7.30 am, 3-year-old girl without life functions was brought to the Child Department within PHI General Hospital “Borka Taleski” – Prilep. After cardio – reanimation made by doctors, the child’s body didn’t show life functions, and also were noticed death spots which indicated previous dead.


709, 2015

Recommendations to Macedonia for Roma rights violation

04.09.2015, Skopje

picture2On 11 and 12 of August 2015, the Committee on the Elimination of racial discrimination held 87th session where Periodical report of Republic of Macedonia for respecting and exercising the human rights provided by the Convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination ratified by Republic of Macedonia.

The Network for protection against discrimination together with Association of citizens Reactor – Research in action, has submitted Shadow Report, in which Roma population issues were indicated, especially freedom of movement, educational segregation, Roma social status, unemployment […]

1507, 2015

“Humanity does not know differences” – a project which will improve the attitudes of doctors towards patients Roma


DSC00397At coordinative meeting, the partners were evaluating the progress with the activities

Life in poverty, in isolated and segregated communities as well as social determinants of poverty maintain a large social distance between Roma and non-Roma in all areas of daily life. Additionally, all this is backed up with stereotypes and prejudices in society in general, and in particular in health area.

The following statements are used by health workers when Roma people are not provided with health services and identified by organizations working on health issues […]

907, 2015

PUBLIC DISCUSSION – Topic: “View on child marriages in Roma community“

09.07.2015, hotel Kristal Palas – Prilep

javna_diskusijaDiscussion was part of the eponymous project which will be implemented to December 2015, funded by UNICEF office in Skopje, in cooperation with Center for Roma community development “Bairska Svetlina” – Bitola and Center for Regional Policy Research and Cooperation “Studiorum” – Skopje.

The main goal of the discussion was to establish initial cooperation with relevant institutions/offices/Roma community on local level, and wide audience to be familiar with upcoming research – Case study preparation, which will be used as a tool for advocacy on […]

2505, 2015



prasalnik-zdravstvni-pravaAccess to the right of Health insurance

Permanent amendments to the Regulations on the manner and procedure for exercising the rights of citizens contribute to creating continuous obstacles, even in cases when laws are in their favor.

For instance – amendments were made to the Law on contributions of compulsory social insurance from 1st December 2014 and by these amendments the Statement of income in the previous year was abolished from the procedure for pre-registration of health insurance for unemployed and people with lower incomes.

It is […]

2104, 2015

Annual report of the Network for protection against discrimination (NPD)


mreza_ne-disriminacija.enThis report refers to the operation of the Network for protection against discrimination in the past 2014 year.

The report aims to provide information for the realization of the protective function of the institutions responsible for protection against discrimination, in particular the Commission for Protection against Discrimination and the Ombudsman through presentation of the manner it has been acted in regard to the complaints that were submitted last year by the members of  NPD to these institutions and in the previous three years.

The report can […]

804, 2015



08042015Today is 8th April – International Roma Day, day when the position, cultural, historical and traditional values of the Roma population are promoted worldwide in order to reduce ethnic, educational and socio-economic discrimination.

In the same context, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia in 2005 adopted the Strategy for Roma (2005-2015) as a public document intended to achieve better inclusion of the Roma in the society and to increase the opportunities for a better life and at the same time Action plans from the Decade of Roma Inclusion.


803, 2015

272 persons celebrated the International Women’s Day – 8th March


podaj_rakaAs a sign of solidarity under the motto “Let’s have fun and help – from women to woman!”

On the occasion of 8 March was organized an event that was intended to help Magbule Osmanovska – Roma woman from the settlement Trizla 2 – Prilep, mother of eight children living in substandard conditions. In the entire implementation of the charity event were included a total of 272 persons, of which 252 were Roma women and teams from association ROMA S.O.S., the orchestra Prilep Stars and cameraman and photographer. Restaurant “Centar” with its service and support ensured all necessary conditions to implement the event.