803, 2017

“Let’s not allow children to give birth and raise children” – International day of women’s activism

08.03.2017, Prilep

24As part of the Campaign for actualization of child marriages, supported by UNICEF, an educational event was realized aimed for socializing and discussion with Roma women about inter-generational discrimination. This creates barriers for young girls to properly understand marriage and make mature decisions that will enable proper integration into society.

The event was held in the evening in the presence of 150 girls and women from the Roma community (mothers, mothers-in-law, daughters, daughters-in-law). It was consisted of two parts: an education on the causes and harmful effects of […]

1002, 2017

A positive example of case law: application of the European Convention on Human Rights in Bitola judiciary

Announcement, 10.02.2017: The woman in labor wasn’t given her deceased baby to bury but was removed as medical waste – a case that was documented for violation of the right to health that is violation of personal rights of Roma patients in Bitola hospital.

         Association ROMA SOS Prilep welcomed the judgment of the Court of Appeal in Bitola (No-881/16 of 30.08.2016) in the case of A.J. and E.Kj. as a positive example of extreme importance to the case law, given that the plaintiffs relied on jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights […]

2201, 2017

THE NARRATIVE of the Roma health: The habits can change if the perception of the problems changes in the relation patient – health worker!


Picture1The access to health services for Roma can improve trough change in attitudes and quality of mutual communication in the relation patient-health worker, and that is by stressing out the fact that both sides are right holders as well as duty bearers.

At the same time, promoting the free-of-charge services that Ministry if health provides through Preventive and curative programs, can contribute to mutual understanding and engaging in joint activities, where the institutions within their duty will implement them and thus protect the health of families or persons at risk, while the duty of the Roma as a vulnerable category of population will be actualized in the aim of improving and monitoring.


2101, 2017

ANNOUNCEMENT: Hate speech in the primary school ”Gjorgji Sugarev” in Bitola


16176894_1395206133832569_850566487_nInformal group of citizens – representatives of the Roma community in Bitola, as well as the civic associations that work on advocacy of the rights of Roma express their concern towards the scrawled swastikas and written graffiti ‘Death for Gypsies’ and ‘Die Gypsies’ on the walls of P.S. Gjorgji Sugarev – Bitola.

Namely, the graffiti were noticed on 19.01.2017 and they call for violence towards the Roma community i.e. represent hate speech, which is a felony according to the Criminal code of Republic of Macedonia.

These graffiti scrawled on […]

212, 2016

“Roma Civic Parliament” – a positive practice of legal empowerment of the community


Picture1The increasing number of cases in which a violation of health care among Roma and medical errors are observed, as well as lack of public support in seeking access to justice, in December 2015 resulted with formation of two informal groups named “Roma Civic Parliament “(RCP), one in Prilep and one in Bitola [1].

.. […]

1811, 2016



Detski brakovi - MK¶ Marriage, as well as living in an informal community between and with persons under 18, can be noticed for years, as a phenomenon which directly undermines the process of education of minors, limits the opportunities for their social integration, causes danger of health distortions and creates gender inequality. Different terms are used, such as under-age marriage, early marriage, etc., but because under the Convention on the Rights of the Child, “a child is any person under 18 years“, taking into consideration the age limit, the term child […]

2208, 2016

First quarterly report under the project “Monitoring and reporting on violations of the rights of Roma”, supported by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Skopje


The project “Monitoring and reporting on violations of the rights of Roma”, supported by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Skopje started with implementation  on February 1, 2016 by the Helsinki Committee in partnership with ROMA S.O.S. – Prilep, Ambrela – Skopje, Daja – Kumanovo, Romano Avazi – Tetovo, Bairska Svetlina – Bitola and KHAM – Delchevo.

The project aims at monitoring, documenting and reporting on violations of human rights and free legal aid. The need for the project stems from poor and incomplete awareness of human rights and freedoms of citizens, especially […]

1902, 2016

REACTION – Concerned about the increasing number of deaths of women in labor


Association ROMA SOS Prilep expresses its serious concern about the case of 21 year-old woman in labor Simona Blazeska who died early this morning at the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at The General Hospital in Prilep, that is 12 hours after “successfully conducted childbirth” (about 13.00 pm yesterday), as a result of excessive bleeding.

Prosecutor’s office acted in an official capacity and will await further information on conducting the autopsy.

We express regret for the loss of the family and appeal to the competent authorities to determine the exact cause of death as […]