2707, 2017

Public discussion “… The Roma want a clean and regulated river too!”



35 people from the Roma Civic Parliament today held a public discussion on the topic “… the Roma want a clean and regulated river too…” and it was realized in the presence of the Minister without Portfolio in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Samka Ibraimoski. The discussion was attended by representatives of the Prilep local self-government as well as “Habitat Macedonia”.

The public discussion arose after the conducted research and extensive consultation with all relevant parties in the course of 2016, during which the greatest problems faced by the Roma from Prilep settlement “Trizla 2” were identified.


3006, 2017

Closing conference of the project “Roma housing rights for sustainable urban development”



Organized by Habitat Macedonia and ROMA S.O.S. today the closing conference of the project “Roma housing rights for sustainable urban development” was held.

As part of the series of activities that were carried out within the framework of this project, was preparation of Initial Studies on the status of Roma housing in the Municipalities of Prilep, Shtip and Chair. The data should help in the preparation of policies by the competent authorities, as well as to strengthen the Roma community in the processes of social inclusion. The […]

2206, 2017

ANOUNCEMENT: “Reorganization of social benefits for children is needed in order for them to be more accessible for the most vulnerable categories of families”



Association ROMA S.O.S., financially supported by UNICEF, today held an event in Skopje to promote a publication on the utilization of financial benefits and the factors that limit the access of the Roma community to the right to child allowance, special allowance, parental allowance and one-off financial allowance for a newborn, before representatives of 6 Centers for Social Work and local associations from the municipalities of Prilep, Bitola, Shtip, Kumanovo, Gjorce Petrov and Shuto Orizari, which were covered with the research in the period from November 2016 to February 2017.


1505, 2017

WHAT MARK WILL WE LEAVE? YOU CHOOSE! – Public campaign in Roma communities


RОMA-SOS-BANER-ANG_01In order to influence the party’s electoral agendas in the wake of the local elections and to prioritize the needs of the Roma communities, association ROMA S.O.S. with the support of the National Democratic Institute in the period July-November, 2016, realized 8 public tribunes (Prilep, Bitola, Shtip, Kochani, Veles, Karposh, Tetovo and Kavadarci) for scanning the real problems of the community.

In summary, the conclusions from the tribunes were presented in Municipal profiles, followed by the realization of public gatherings for their presentation to the political parties, LSGUs and the enterprises / institutions competent for resolving the key priorities:


1105, 2017

Housing situation of Roma in Municipality of Prilep

05.11.2017, Prilep

Nastan, 11.05.2017Today was held an event for the presentation of the priority issues in the field of housing in the Roma settlement “Trizla”, based on the survey and extensive consultation with all relevant parties, where potential solutions were elaborated. The event was organized in partnership between the association ROMA S.O.S, Habitat Macedonia  and the National Democratic Institute , and was attended by the Mayor and representatives of local government, public utility companies, associations, councilors from various political parties, relevant local institutions and Roma.


1104, 2017

Annual Assembly of the Roma Civic Parliament – Prilep and Bitola on “LEADERSHIP – OPPORTUNITY AND THREAT!”

10-11 April, 2017

godisno sobranie

Aimed to mutual informing on the actions taken in 2016, reviewing the progress and challenges in implementation of the agreed activities and define next steps for achieving the set goals an Annual Assembly of the Roma Civic Parliament – Prilep and Bitola was held  in Hotel Sileks – Ohrid on April 10 and 11, 2017, attended by 35 members.

The first day was reserved for promotion of Newsletter No. 4 ‘LEADERSHIP – OPPORTUNITY AND THREAT’ before the two groups in order to provide an […]

803, 2017

“Let’s not allow children to give birth and raise children” – International day of women’s activism

08.03.2017, Prilep

24As part of the Campaign for actualization of child marriages, supported by UNICEF, an educational event was realized aimed for socializing and discussion with Roma women about inter-generational discrimination. This creates barriers for young girls to properly understand marriage and make mature decisions that will enable proper integration into society.

The event was held in the evening in the presence of 150 girls and women from the Roma community (mothers, mothers-in-law, daughters, daughters-in-law). It was consisted of two parts: an education on the causes and harmful effects of […]

1002, 2017

A positive example of case law: application of the European Convention on Human Rights in Bitola judiciary

Announcement, 10.02.2017: The woman in labor wasn’t given her deceased baby to bury but was removed as medical waste – a case that was documented for violation of the right to health that is violation of personal rights of Roma patients in Bitola hospital.

         Association ROMA SOS Prilep welcomed the judgment of the Court of Appeal in Bitola (No-881/16 of 30.08.2016) in the case of A.J. and E.Kj. as a positive example of extreme importance to the case law, given that the plaintiffs relied on jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights […]