1207, 2018

Small victories bring big changes!


There are no forbidden topics, there is only a wish to learn.

The narrative literally refers to the image that we have in our heads for a particular situation or group of people, which almost always determines our beliefs, attitudes and behaviors towards them. This picture may be mistakenly set for certain reasons (stacking of stereotypes and prejudices) and affect the quality of interaction.

The change of the narrative aims to cause positive behavior, better communication and understanding, ie, overcoming the emotional and cognitive obstacles. This change must be subtle and non-invasive, most often through narrative methods and creation of positive examples.


1107, 2018

The generational circle of silence is interrupted for the students of the “military school” in Prilep


In the 2017/18 school year, a total of 174 students in 8 classes, 6 in the third grade and 2 in the fourth grade, enrolled in the “Dobre Jovanoski” Primary School in Prilep, attended classes in a facility 300 meters away from the school itself, or the so-called “Military school” named as Training Center “Lazo Filipovski Lavski”. And while the parents have reacted to the teaching, safety and hygienic conditions in these premises for the past 15 years, there is no record that can illustrate the situation in this dispersed school.

606, 2018

Seventh in a row public event of “Roma Civic Parliament” – Prilep


DSC03922After six months of the official meeting with the professional services of the ULSG Prilep, after the change that occurred as a result of the Local elections (December 5, 2017), the “Roma Civic Parliament” held a re-meeting in order to review the promised projects and intakes of the Mayor, the President of the Council and the directors of the PUCs, and propose new conclusions for further work.

The Roma opened the issues of capital investments in the settlement Trizla 2 as well as about the legalization of illegally built objects because of the fact that many of the residents of the Municipality of Prilep still have not complied with the legalization requirements, which can lead them to exceed the legal deadline and remain without property papers. […]

2505, 2018

ROMA S.O.S. at the celebration of “25-years Foundation Open Society Macedonia”

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With a series of regional and international events on topics of social significance, during May, the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia (FOSM) marked the 25th anniversary of its existence. At these events, participants from Macedonia and abroad discussed important topics such as Macedonia’s EU entry, legal strengthening, health of the Roma, freedom and the Internet, youth and open society, educational reforms, the power of art and culture for social changes, as well as the future and perspectives of the open society in Macedonia.

Association ROMA S.O.S. participated actively in some of these events, promoting the results of the successful work in their areas of action.


304, 2018

Informative campaign “The road to children’s allowance is short”


In the period from March to April, 2018, with the support of UNICEF, an informative campaign was implemented in the Roma communities in Prilep, Shtip, Bitola, Kumanovo, Gjorce Petrov and Shuto Orizari. For that purpose, an interactive theater performance “The road to children’s allowance is short” was prepared, and it was created in order to help parents to overcome information barriers to accessing cash transfers for children.

The campaign was a continuation of the research that the association ROMA S.O.S. implemented in 2017 in the six municipalities, about utilization of social benefits for children and the factors that limit the access of the Roma community as well as the Baseline study that came as a result of it.


2503, 2018


Newsletter_No_7Seventh edition of the association ROMA S.O.S. Prilep, for the period from June 24th to October 24th, 2017, in order to:

  • Inform the public about already realized activities of the project,
  • Illustration of the progress that is achieved quarterly,
  • Education of the Roma community on issues of their interest and incentive to engage them in advocacy and protection of their rights.

The Newsletter is a tool through which the association initiates discussion and sequential responses of the Roma Civic Parliament (RCP).


803, 2018

“Poverty concerns us all, but some are poorer than the others” – humanitarian party on the occasion of 8th of March

We all have the responsibility to help those who need it most!


On the occasion of International women’s day, a humanitarian party aimed to raise funds to help poor families of the Roma community and children on the streets who are registered in the association ROMA S.O.S. The party was held at the restaurant “La Casa Grande” in Prilep, in the presence of 450 Roma women, the mayor of Municipality of Prilep Ilija Jovanoski and the President of the Council Mile Talevski.  […]

102, 2018

Roma participate at shaping of local policies and budget in the solving-process of their problems

05.12.2017 – Celebrated 10 years of commitment of promoting the difference between Equality and Equity. Roma do not have the same starting point with the rest of the population, therefore they need more support (equity) for finally everyone can achieve the same success.


Organized by the association ROMA S.O.S. and the informal group “Roma Civic Parliament”, 100 Roma had a meeting  with the Mayor of Municipality of Prilep – Mr. Ilija Jovanoski and directors of Public Companies from Prilep. The purpose of joint meeting was presenting actual requirements, needs and problems of the Roma living in settlement ‘Trizla 2’, for their inclusion in urban plan and local government program for 2018.

Roma were interested for improvement of infrastructure in “Trizla 2”? When the streets with sewerage will be covered with asphalt? Will Dabnicki channel be arrange and whether a bridge will be installed? How to improve infrastructure in the areas ‘Tri Bagremi’, ‘Mexico’, ‘Debarca’?