43620142_2114154515305852_432102662352142336_n24-25 October 2018

The highly anticipated “Let’s Talk!” event in Antalya, Turkey, at the Maxx Royal Resorts Kemer was the initiative of the host and co-founder of ELBI, Natalia Vodianova, in partnership with the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency.

The program brought together some of the brightest minds from industries far and wide, including everything from fashion and sports, to private sector, public policy and government – all with the aim of tackling the taboo around women’s health.

The executive director Nesime Salioska was one of the speakers as part of the panel 1: Changing how we view stigma and emphasized that there are two major taboos among Roma: child marriage and the expectation of virginity at marriage. Both are major barriers for Roma girls to succeed in life.


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