1. No one has been punished that little Agush is left without arm
  2. Many people are left without social care”
  3. There are still barriers for blue cards for the unemployed
  4. Wrongly affixed plaster made her disabled
  5. The decision of the Constitutional Court hasn’t been appreciated, unemployed remain without blue cards
  6. Malpractice left Agush S. from Prilep without arm
  7. Chief of Orthopedic Department in Prilep, sentenced to 3 months suspended jail time
  8. The Court concluded malpractice and settled a recompense of 45,000 euros to the family Salioski from Prilep
  9. Three months probation for malpractice
  10. 43 thousand euros recompense for a lost arm
  11. After five years, the court ruled in the case of little Agush
  12. Suspended sentence for the orthopedist from Prilep, because of whom little Agush is left without arm
  13.  After five years, court resolution to the case with little Agush: Three months probation for malpractice and a recompense of 2.7 million denars
  14. Little Agush lost his left arm, and five years later he got a court resolution for the malpractice
  16. Over 3.600 citizens were not allowed to exit the country
  17. Near 300 Roma from Prilep were send back from border crossings
  18. Roma accuse of discrimination when trying to travel to their close relatives abroad
  19. Exiles – The police meets with Roma from Prilep
  20. Roma from Prilep accuse of discrimination when trying to travel to their close relatives abroad
  21. Roma people ask for appropriate health care
  22. Unemployed and without health insurance!
  23. Those who reregistered OK, those who didn’t – let them pay if they want to be healthy!
  24. There are still unregistered Roma children in Prilep
  25. Either pay for the received health service or you will not get your health insurance card
  26. No person without health insurance, but there is
  27. First positive verdict initiated by the association ROMA S.O.S.
  28. With Parliament’s amen the unemployed are left without blue cards
  29. Some of the unemployed persons still don’t have blue cards
  30. Citizens expect administratively simplified health system
  31. Status quo of institutional efforts to improve the health status of Roma
  32. Administrative errors – the responsibility of citizens or institutions
  33. Do we need to activate the “domestic midwives” in Prilep?
  34. One year old girl is going blind – They don’t know what is wrong with her, but don’t send her abroad to discover
  35. Doctors from Istanbul will bring back the sight of little Medina
  36. One-year-old Medina Sinanoska must be urgently treated, doctors haven’t set diagnosis
  37. A mother to the clinics and institutions: You play with the life of my child who could die because of you!
  38. One-year-old Medina is the next victim of the dysfunctional health system?
  39. Little Medina from Prilep id going to be treated in European Eye Hospital
  40. The country has criminalized the health care
  41. The project “From people to people” continues
  42. The Red Cross with a humanitarian gesture towards Roma people in Prilep
  43. Public dissucssion – Alarming data on child marriages among Roma women
  44. Discussion: A view of child marriages in Roma community
  45. Disscussion on topic – View of child marriages in Roma community
  46. For half a year more than 20 “little brides” in Prilep
  47. Child marriages on the rise, institutions unable to stop and control!
  48. Between tradion and law regulations
  49. Growth of children in marriage
  50. A three-year-old child dies in Prile
  51. A 3-year old girl dies, most likely of intoxication
  52. A tree-year-old girl from Prilep died of food poisoning
  53. Tragedy in Prilep, a three-year-old girl died, investigation is in progress
  54. ROMA S.O.S. requires determining cause of death of the 3-year-old girl
  55. A three-year-old girl died, it will be determined whether there was food poisoning
  56. A Comission of experts will investigate the case of the deceased three-year-old girl from Prilep (reporter.mk)
  57. Poisoned a 3-year-old girl in Prilep
  58. A three-year-old girl from Prilep has died after poisoning with a sandwich
  59. A Comission of experts will investigate the case of the deceased three-year-old girl from Prilep (zdravstvo24.mk) 
  60. Details about the deceased 3-year-old girl from Prilep
  61. ROMA S.O.S.: We are asking for equal access for Roma patients
  62. ROMA S.O.S. requires non-discriminatory attitude towards Roma
  63. Roma victims of a dysfunctional health system