podaj_rakaAs a sign of solidarity under the motto “Let’s have fun and help – from women to woman!”

On the occasion of 8 March was organized an event that was intended to help Magbule Osmanovska – Roma woman from the settlement Trizla 2 – Prilep, mother of eight children living in substandard conditions. In the entire implementation of the charity event were included a total of 272 persons, of which 252 were Roma women and teams from association ROMA S.O.S., the orchestra Prilep Stars and cameraman and photographer. Restaurant “Centar” with its service and support ensured all necessary conditions to implement the event.

masina_za_perenjeEach woman with buying a ticket covered her food and drinks at the event and donated 100 denars through which finally we managed to secure household appliances for Magbule Osmanovska such as stove and clothes washing machine as most essential needs of the family.

“Solidarity among women is crucial during realizing their rights as individuals. On this day we wish to all females to give hand to hand to each other in further efforts for respect and dignity, because we still have a long way in the fight for equality. Happy 8th March. “

The International Day of Woman which from year to year began to celebrate slowly reflects its essence of existence. If several years ago, the celebration was understood that you have to go to the party, to get a gift or flowers, today the understanding for the importance of this day is raised to a higher level. The association ROMA S.O.S. – Prilep for seven years in a row promotes the rights of females on local level in the Roma community by organizing this event, and therefore allowing them more information about opportunities through which they can fight for equality with men.

“Women have been subordinate and without aloud in society, worked in very bad conditions and for little money, they had no right to make decisions about their lives and have been victims of domestic violence. Women very rarely were acquiring with education and not participated in public life.

tim_roma_sosOn 8th March 1903 15,000 women around the world protested against this situation and from that day launched the struggle for economic, political and social equality with men. In honor of the commitment of women to gender equality, in 1910 was held the First International Conference on Women in Copenhagen at which it was decided to celebrate International Women’s Day, March 8th every year. “

What can be concluded is that Roma women every year, they are finding out that more on this day they can highlight their problems, requirements and to support each other in the fight for equality with men. That is the way how we can provide better quality welfare in the family and society.

“The woman does not deserve attention only on that day, but throughout the year – every day.”

Photos of the activity