We all have the responsibility to help those who need it most!


On the occasion of International women’s day, a humanitarian party aimed to raise funds to help poor families of the Roma community and children on the streets who are registered in the association ROMA S.O.S. The party was held at the restaurant “La Casa Grande” in Prilep, in the presence of 450 Roma women, the mayor of Municipality of Prilep Ilija Jovanoski and the President of the Council Mile Talevski. 

The mayor Ilija Jovanoski stated that organizing a humanitarian event deserves to be noticed, because on one hand it means aid to those who need it, and on the other, giving an example that should be followed by other associations and organizations. He emphasized that the Municipality of Prilep commits for all its citizens, street children, and in that direction stated that they support the humanitarian event by donating a voucher of 20,000 denars.

eeeeThe executive director of the association ROMA S.O.S., Nesime Salioska, stated that it is a great pleasure to see the humanitarian gesture of the Municipality of Prilep and the mayor Ilija Jovanoski, who by donating funds will enable greater number of children to be covered by the humanitarian activity. “Poverty does concern everyone, but some are poorer than the others. The idea of this humanitarian event is those who have more to give to those who have less. That way, we will achieve the equality that we all strive for. It is natural for women to feel more solidarity and do more humanitarian activities, and therefore the date of 8th March was not accidentally chosen. On the contrary, the aim was to show how much women want to help,”


Consequently, on 12th March, 2018, 40 children from the poorest Roma families in Prilep were given trainers, tracksuits and a package of items for personal hygiene, thanks to the humanitarian party organized on the occasion of 8th March and the commitment of the Roma activists:

  • 40,000 denars from the tickets,
  • 20,000 denars donated by the Municipality of Prilep
  • 10,000 MKD donated by ROMA S.O.S.


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