08.03.2017, Prilep

24As part of the Campaign for actualization of child marriages, supported by UNICEF, an educational event was realized aimed for socializing and discussion with Roma women about inter-generational discrimination. This creates barriers for young girls to properly understand marriage and make mature decisions that will enable proper integration into society.

The event was held in the evening in the presence of 150 girls and women from the Roma community (mothers, mothers-in-law, daughters, daughters-in-law). It was consisted of two parts: an education on the causes and harmful effects of child marriages, as well as an education on family planning as a way to preserve the reproductive health of young girls.

Informal part (party) followed in parallel in order to celebrate the historical commitment to gender equality. In this respect, the Mayor of Prilep – Marjan Risteski welcomed the present women by giving them carnations.

The following conclusions and recommendations were drawn from the discussion:

  • If the mother had a hard life and married early, daughter does not have to do the same because “that’s the way things go”. We have to understand that girls under 18 years are children!
  • If the mother-in-law was harassed as a bride, she does not have to harass her son’s wife too because “that’s how it has to be”. The mother-in-law should protect the bride because she is a woman too!
  • If the girl had married early, she does not have to immediately become pregnant, bear children uncontrollably and leave education. She should continue to invest in herself to achieve conditions for mature life!
  • If the bride wants to protect herself against abortion, her mother-in-law does not have to scare her with “medical advises” that she herself does not know what they mean. They should listen to the recommendations of doctors who know best how the body evolves and reacts!


8th of march 2017-en.

The message that was subsequently sent is:

Let’s enable young girls to realize that apart from the life goal – to get married, there are other goals that they need to think about, and that’s education, employment, good health and non-violence!



Photos from the event on the following link

Video of opening speech on the following link