SEN_0028Celebrating a birthday in the presence of the closest associates, partners, supporters and friends.


It started over a decade ago when the needs for a civic initiative in the Roma community for education and assistance were imposed, and according to the requirements and circumstances, activities in the field of free legal aid were developed, court procedures and legislative initiatives started and health care services were enabled, as basic pillars of the work of the association. In this way, developing individual and collective capacities, from an ethnically profiled local group of activists, through the years ROMA S.O.S. has grown into an organization representing interests of all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.

At the event, the main contributors and supporters talked:

SEN_0161Suzana Velkovska – Foundation Open Society Macedonia pointed out that it is a great honor to have the opportunity to work with ROMA SOS. and with Nesime Salioska as an extremely valuable, persevering and dignified person – the qualities that have continued during all these years, although sometimes with disagreements and controversies, but always in a good and positive direction. She pointed out that the presence of all guests at the celebration alone demonstrates a great success, i.e. that through the years serious learning and upgrading has been achieved.


SEN_0172Slagjana Marjanovic Panovska – National Democratic Institute Macedonia congratulated the important jubilee of her own and on behalf of the organization that she represents, stressing that it is their honor to have a share in the development and progress of the association. She shared a reminder from 2009, when on a cold February day, a young girl from Prilep appeared for an interview in the NDI offices for inclusion in the capacity building program for advocacy and political skills. She even then thought that as soon as someone on such a day, with such determination, arrived for an interview, she must have been very motivated and eager to work. She pointed out that they did not err because they gave a chance to Nesime Salioska, and that cooperation continued in the future at the institutional level with the association ROMA SOS. to which she is particularly proud.


SEN_0179Cvetanka Ivanova – legal consultant in the campaign for children’s marriages, sent greetings to the team of the association for the jubilee for 11 years of successful work, noting that she had the honor to work with Nesime Salioska and the team of ROMA SOS. on the topic of “child marriages” which in the Republic of Macedonia until a few years ago was a taboo. She was sincere and admitted that when Nesime approached three years ago with the idea of ​​working on this issue, her first thought was that the topic was not something very important for the state to deal with it at that moment, but as she went in the research, she was more and more defeated by the numbers of cases, not only in the Roma but also in all other communities. However, official numbers are incomplete, as the state does not have official statistics for informal communities, there is no compliance in the actions of state institutions in order to take measures for the prevention or protection of children. As a result of this analysis, draft amendments were made to 4 laws that have already been submitted to the competent ministries, and the expectations are that they will soon be adopted by the Parliament in order to prevent and regulate the vicious circle of poverty and impotence.


SEN_0186Ajnur Velioski – Roma Civic Parliament Prilep, noted that he had the honor to cooperate with the organization and be included in the informal group “Roma Civic Parliament”, without which many problems of the Roma community would remain unattainted and unresolved.


SEN_0189Tefik Musovski – Roma Civic Parliament Bitola, congratulated the jubilee, pointing out that with the activities that were being realized, the organization actually worked in the service of the people and as such seriously came in contact with those who are most in need, and as an active participator in the process, he enjoyed cooperating with individuals and a group whose mission was in function of the interests of the community.


SEN_0191Nesime Salioska – Executive Director of ROMA SOS, thanked all those present and all those who through the years contributed with their engagement in the development of the association and the realization of numerous activities, emphasizing the way individuals-pioneers participated in realization of certain priorities and changes.


At the same time, the transformation into a new association was announced – LET Station  which will be operational from January 2019 with a location in the city center. The term “station” is a place where people can always turn, and the word “LET” is an acronym and denotes legal education and transparency. The association will be a place where all citizens, regardless of ethnic or other background, can be legally educated in the direction of realizing their rights, and transparency / accountability by the institutions will be required. “Center for Access to Justice” is the starting project, as part of the Open Society Macedonia Foundation’s Strategy, which aims to provide access to justice and free legal aid for citizens.