Association ROMA S.O.S. from Prilep emphasized its concern about recent statements that echoed in the air yesterday, and refers to the published phone calls of the opposition’s “bomb” and attitude of the decision makers and state institutions towards the Roma community.

Although yesterday a press conference was organized in which 12 associations (together with LIL Skopje, KHAM Delcevo, NRC Kumanovo, H.E.R.A. Skopje, RRC Skopje, SONCE Tetovo, ESE Skopje, “Bela Kula”-Kicevo, CDRIM – Skopje, “Bairska Svetlina” – Bitola and Association for Roma Rights – Stip) proved that Roma organizations are committed to improving the situation of ALL citizens equally, without discrimination on ethnic and national origin, in order to improve certain public policy related to health insurance for the poorest citizens [1]. However, the result at end of the day showed that our efforts are “an illusion.”

Respect and dignity of the Roma community is reduced to a minimum i.e.we have realized that state institutions that should provide and guarantee equality of all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, guaranteed by the Constitution and laws, have discriminatory and racist attitudes towards Roma and treat them as citizens of the lowest rank. This is particularly concerning bearing in mind the fact that among the decision makers are also representatives of Roma who so far had not responded for such abuse and violation of constitutionally guaranteed human rights and freedoms.

[1] Press conference held on 06.03.2015: If you have signed a Statement of income in the process of pre-registration of the health insurance in 2011, 2012 or 2013, it is likely to get a JUDGMENT i.e.to be accused by the Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia of providing a false Statement and you will be sentenced 3-months on probation and 3.000 denars court fees.
We request: Public Prosecution to dismiss all criminal charges, the Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia to stop this practice which puts insurers and the court in chaos, defendants to turn to our associations for legal aid.
Not to allow the poorest citizens to become criminals because of the wrong policy in exercising the right to health insurance!