ROMA S.O.S. is a voluntary, non-governmental, citizen’s association established in 2005 whose activities, based on the primary principles of solidarity, justice, human dignity, equality of rights and diversity, focus on vulnerable and marginalized groups, in particular on Roma.

THE PURPOSE OF THE ASSOCIATION is to present a bridge for integration of the Roma community, mainly by promoting and advocating their needs in front of the relevant institutions and government bodies. The realization of the basic human rights of Roma people is essential to the efforts to overcome the problems.

VISION: to create equal opportunities and conditions for achieving social, economic, and cultural interests of Roma with other groups in a multiethnic society by 2020.

MISSION: to inspire and promote active involvement of Roma in social processes through the promotion of health rights, the right to non-discrimination, women’s rights, and the opportunity for non-formal education for young Roma.                                                                                                           ROMA S.O.S. count more than 10 actively involved young Roma who together with the actively engaged non-Roma create a model of multicultural development. According to the location, the association and the activities are easily available for the Roma community. The office is located in the neighborhood Trizla 2 (Dabnichka street) where the Roma population is concentrated from Prilep.

The following activities are being realized continuously:


→ information, assistance, legal advice and education on the application of legal provisions in the exercise of rights


→ establishing direct cooperation with relevant institutions and bodies to protect the rights

→ monitoring the implementation of legislation

→ legal correspondence: writing petitions, complaints, requests, demands, statements and reports on identified gaps in procedures

→ filing interventions, reactions, and organizing public meetings or press conferences in cases of institutional silence about the requests and a lack of protective measures taken


→ preparation of legal analysis on legislative that cause systemic obstacles in exercising  the rights

→ leading initiatives before legislative authority for amendments in the legislation

→ documenting cases of people who have faced unequal treatment in accessing the services

→ direct collaboration and consultation with law offices and judicial authorities for providing support in court procedures for people who have faced violation of rights


→ monitor the application of the Law on Prevention and Protection against Discrimination

→ documenting cases of people who faced discrimination

→ submitting complaints to the Commission for Protection against Discrimination and monitoring procedures

→ direct cooperation and consultations with other associations – members of the National Network for protection against discrimination


→ direct cooperation and consultations with other associations – members of the Macedonian Anti Poverty Platform

→ initiating field activities to tackling


→ conducting targeted researches and training’s on specific issues

 → promotion and education on gender equality

→ monitoring and promotion of public policy of interest


All of the stated activities are in relation to encouragement and mobilization of the Roma community, public presentation of problems/obstacles, communication and coordination among stakeholders, as well as promotion of the civil rights.