For one of the projected goals – improving the health of the Roma and their access to health care protection, the NAP for health care envisages the introduction of Roma Health Mediators (RHM) as a link in the system which will establish better communication between the Roma community and the health care system. Such a link should serve to facilitate access to health services, establish confidence in the doctor-patient relationship, and establish habits of caring about one’s own health and the health of others (which is also the constitutional obligation of all citizens). Besides this, RHM will play an important role by referring cases to an appropriate place in the system: persons identified that are without personal documents, persons who need an introduction to the system of healthcare protection, children who do not receive regular immunizations mandatory by law, and in addition they will facilitate the process of integrating the health needs of the Roma population in the overall health care system. (From the Program for Roma Health Mediators of the Republic of Macedonia)

According to the Program for Roma Health Mediators adopted in May by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the Ministry of Health, and in relation to the activity “Inclusion and support of the role of two RHM” from the Local Action Plan for the Health of Roma from Prilep (LAPHR), an Operational Plan for the RHM was developed.

The initiative was launched within the project “Improving the Program for RHM in Macedonia” initiated by the Association for Health Education and Research HERA, and by realization of the regional implementation by Association ROMA S.O.S., Prilep, in cooperation with local institutions and healthcare facilities.

The development of the Operational Plan was carried out through implementation of a two-day seminar on 14 and 15 June 2011 in Prilep. The following representatives attended and jointly created the documents:

1. Tanje Trenkoska, ROMA S.O.S. – Prilep

2. Denis Redzeposki, ROMA S.O.S. – Prilep

3. Misko Risteski, Health Insurance Fund – Prilep

4. Gordana Sekuloska, ROMA S.O.S. – Prilep

5. Veliche Derivolska, P.H.I. Medical Institute – Prilep

6. Margarita Tuteska Lazaroska, P.H.I. Medical Institute – Prilep

7. Dzengis Berisha, ROMA S.O.S. – Prilep

8. Biljana Vasilesca, P.H.I. Center for Public Health – Prilep

9. Mariche Mircheska, P.H.I. Borka Taleski General Hospital – Prilep

10. Rozita Petreska, P.H.I. Borka Taleski General Hospital – Prilep

11. Natasha Jovanoska, P.H.I. Borka Taleski General Hospital – Prilep

12. Mirko Kuzeski, Center for Employment – Prilep

13. Julijana Angeleska, ROMA S.O.S. – Prilep

14. Nesime Salioska, ROMA S.O.S. – Prilep

The Local Government- Prilep by adopting this document assumes responsibility for implementation of local public policy where it will allocate funds for implementation of activities and will provide conditions for the active involvement of RHM in healthcare institutions in the municipality of Prilep toward implementation of the Program for RHM of the RM and LAPHR.

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